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About us

Pikku Shop is a Finnish web shop where cuteness and interesting products come together in perfect harmony. The name "Pikku" is a Finnish word and in English it is defined as small or little, which is a pretty suiting name for this little shop. :)

Our aim is to provide you with all sorts of fun and interesting products that make you want to smile, giggle and explode with cuteness. The products are not restricted to any specific categories, just as long as they fit the theme. This is why you can find a wide range of neat stuff in our shop, whether it be charms, clothes, electronics or other knick-knacks - they just have to look cute!

A big part of our product range is handmade and/or limited to a specific amount, some of the products are only available here at www.pikku-shop.com.

We at Pikku Shop will do our best to make sure your browsing experience is as positive, inspiring and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome back! <3




Head over to our Facebook page for more info: www.facebook.com/pikkushop